Elixir Is "10 Years From Now" Technology, Today by Daniel Jaouen


José Valim is a time-traveler. There, I said it. Where’s the proof, you ask? Well the proof is in the pudding. Elixir truly is “10 years from now” technology, today. The language is replete with examples as to why it is the future.

Take, for instance, Phoenix channels. When it comes to real-time updates on your site, other frameworks (like Django or Rails) don’t even come close.

Or take macros. Macros are a concept stolen from Lisp-likes used mainly to build DSLs. In this situation, Lisp was way ahead of its time and Elixir leverages the power of macros for its own benefit.

Or take the functional paradigm. Functional languages don’t suffer from spaghetti-code-inducing paradigms, like threads or the reactor pattern (see: EventMachine). And since everything in Elixir is immutable, you no longer have to worry about mutexes clogging up your code.

I could go on and on. Elixir truly is “10 years from now” technology, today.